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Summary: This post contains step-by-step instructions for how to import MBOX files into Outlook. We have provided several methods for converting MBOX files to PST. We also provided details about a software program that will make it easier to convert MBOX files into Outlook PST.

MBOX, a file format that is widely used to store emails, is very popular. It can save emails in text format and attachments in encrypted file format. It is used by popular mail clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Entourage.

MBOX format has many advantages, such as wide support and simple message navigation because it is text-based. It is platform dependent. If you're migrating from MBOX-based email clients to Outlook, the MBOX file must be converted to Outlook-compatible PST format.

How do I export MBOX to Outlook?

You can choose between two ways to migrate MBOX mailbox from Outlook: the manual or automated method. You can choose either method based on your preference, but the automated method is often preferred.

Manual method to import MBOX into Outlook

MBOX clients may have different steps. We have listed the steps to Import MBOX into Outlook For Apple Mail.

Be aware that this is a long process and will require you to install Eudora, Outlook Express, and Apple Mail.

There are 4 phases to the manual process of Importing MBOX to Outlook.

  1. Apple Mail allows you to export your mailbox data to a MBOX file.

  • Launch Apple Mail, and choose the mailbox that you wish to convert

  • Select Mailbox > Export Mailbox

  • Find the folder in which you want to save MBOX and choose .

  1. Transferring the file to Eudora from Apple Mail

  • Change the .mbox export file to .mbx.

  • Move the file to Eudora's default location for saving files: "C:\Documents and Settings\ Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora"

  • Double-click the MBOX file (.mbx), to launch Eudora

  • Close Eudora

  1. Transferring the file to Outlook Express from Eudora

  • Start Outlook Express. Select File tab. Next, choose Import.

  • Select Eudora from the list and click Next

  • Navigate to where the.MBX file was saved

  • Select OK > Next Next Final

  1. Importing Outlook Express file into Microsoft Outlook

  • Start Outlook and open File

  • Choose Open Then, select Import

  • The Import/Export Wizard will be open.

  • Select Import Internet Mail & Addresses

  • Select Next then choose Outlook Express

  • Make sure that Import Email is selected and click Next. Then click End.

Your Apple Mail data should now be available in MS Outlook after you have completed the steps above.

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